A lot of our people had the problem using Whatsapp for the past 24 hours . We later found out that it was just friends using a BSNL connection . We guessed it was something with the DNS Servers of BSNL and we seem to be right . BSNL has either blocked Whatsapp or there has been some mistake . We have a fix for iOS,Android and Windows Phone.

We posted two Temporary Fix for Android Phones

1.Access Whatsapp on BSNL this method does not require you to download any app from the Play Store .

2.Access Whatsapp through blocked networks this uses a simple app called TunnelBear from the Google Play Store.

The above methods are for Android . However if you have a Windows Phone there is only one way to use Whatsapp for now using your WiFi. You will have to change your DNS Servers to use Google’s DNS .

The process is a little complex for beginners but if you have a problem leave a comment here and we will help you out .

Open Run ( Shortcut Key [ Windows key + R] ) :




Type CMD and Click on Ok


Type ipconfig and hit Enter


Note down the Default Gateway and enter it in your Browser URL.

For me it is

The usual Default Gateways are

When it asks for a password enter

Username : admin

Password : password


Username : admin
Password : admin



Try to find the DNS Settings in your router


  • Change it to and .
  • Apply Changes .
  • Restart your router after applying changes .


Now all the devices connected to your WiFi must be able to use WhatsApp without any problem. If you are having trouble following this . Post below we will try to help you out .

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