Its no secret that Google knows more about you than your girlfriend. Google’s search results are highly biased or rather optimised based on your personal browsing habits and your location. Although this is meant to enrich your search results, it often turns out to be inclined on the wrong side. Especially with all the country specific censoring present currently, it would be better to get unbiased search results.

Here are few ways on how to get unbiased search results from Google –

1. Use Incognito mode

An inbuilt feature of every browser, no cookies or history is saved in this mode. Visit via this mode and you must stick to the global website. Yet, there is a good chance for your results to be influenced by your personal browsing habits over a period of time.

2. Use only

Bookmark Anytime you visit this page, you’ll be taken to irrespective of your geo-location. No country specific Google search results will be shown in this case.

3. Use Tor browser

This one if for people in conflict zones, where censorship is way too high. Tor makes sure to mask your IP and assures your safety to an extent. This is by far the best way to get around to get unbiased google search results.

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