We’ve all used projectors in our life, but none are like the Epson TW5300. The projectors we use in our normal day to day life are usually in offices and they are not good enough for media consumption. That has been our normal perception for all projectors(Including mine!). The first time we used the Epson TW5300, we were blown away. The technology has finally caught up to provide an immersive experience making it a serious Media Consumption device.

Features and Setup

The Epson TW5300 comes in a Glossy White finish. It is curved on the top and looks kind of cool to keep it in the centre of your house if you choose to. Also, it has a small footprint and it is going to occupy very less space. On the front, there’s a silver rim around the lens which looks cool and the lens is really large. There’s a vent on the left which is used to remove heat from the projector(Projectors do get scalding!). Right above the lens, you have a cut-out for Zoom and Focus.


On the back, you have multiple connectivity options. It has two HDMI inputs, one VGA input, One USB Port, One composite video input and one 3.5mm audio out port. Multiple sources can be connected to it and the moves can be switched when needed. On the top, there is a whole lot of buttons to interact with the projector from setting the input source to settings. A remote is included with the projector and the same functions are present on the remote too. Additionally, the projector has an inbuilt speaker which gets the job done, but you definitely need a proper external speaker setup if you’re looking for the best experience.


The brightness of the bulb goes up to 2,200 lumens which is ridiculously bright and this brightness is applied equally across all colours. Usually on other projectors, the brightness changes with the colour of the output which is not the case here. The bulb has a life of 7,500 hours.

The output from Epson TW5300 has a contrast ratio of 35,000:1 and is 480Hz. Also, it is a 3D projector which works with active shutter glasses(Not included in the box).


The first thing you realise when you see it for yourself is that it is unbelievably good! There is so much detail and colour to it. Consuming HD content was enjoyable. For my setup, I projected my Apple TV on a wall which was just about 5 metres from the projector. The lens zooms the image to give a wide angle projection in small distances. For audio, I had my speaker system connected to it.

The movie watching experience was great and we had a lot of fun with it. The frame rate is also super smooth and you won’t notice anything during fast action sequences. In fact, I connected my Playstation 4 to it and had lag free gaming. Also, my room is well lit and I could still watch with all the light coming in. But I had to close the shades and kill the lights for the best experience. The colours pop out and give the perfect experience.


One of the biggest feature of Epson TW5300 projector is that it is a 3D Projector. To use this feature, you’ll have to use an active shutter glass which is not included with the projector. When used, 3D content is absolutely stunning and there is very little or no eye strain. Also, there’s a feature which lets you convert 2D content to be viewed in 3D which is not bad.

The only thing which kept bugging me is the noise. It was noticeable when I used the projector continuously for over an hour. But we solved it by switching to the Eco Mode which reduces the brightness by a small level. One minor inconvenience which we don’t mind.



The Epson TW5300 Projector has finally convinced me that projectors are finally ready as consumer products: The Epson TW5300 performs well and costs Rs. 76,279 which is inexpensive. The optional Active Shutter 3D glass costs Rs. 6,399. But along with the cost of the projector, you have to get a speaker system and the real estate to consume your content. But if you’re serious about home entertainment, it is getting cheaper every day thanks to projectors like these. It is entirely worth it when you sit back and watch a movie with your friends and family.

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