Gaming is still a growing market with a lot of potential here in India. At this crucial time, we get India’s largest gaming cafe here. It looks slick, setting new standards for every other gaming cafe. Arknemesis gaming is set in the basement of Ispahani Center, Nungambakkam with state of the art gear for 6,500 square feet. This includes a full-blown cafe where you can hang out with your friends and a huge menu with reasonably priced food. About 68 PCs with various configurations, PS4 Pros, 4K TVs, a huge projector screen, three snooker tables and so much more. The place has something to offer to nearly everyone and caters a large crowd.

We got to sit with Harish, the founder of Arknemesis gaming who is extremely passionate about gaming and has been playing games since he was 4. He understands gaming and the community. He’s traveled all around the country, met with gamers and wanted to bring in the best possible experience for gaming. The whole cafe has been meticulously done with a hands-on approach by Harish. The entire design of the cafe stands out, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. He was also hands-on while picking his employees who are gamers themselves and understand the community and his vision.

PC gaming is divided into three different sections: Mega, Ultra and Monster. In Mega, you get PCs with 1060, 6GB GPU which is good enough for the casual games. In the next tier for Ultra, they have 1070 GPU and higher refresh rate monitors. In the Monster section, they have two different kinds of PCs to play. First is the eSports section which has top of the line specs with 1080GPU and high refresh rate, monitors. The other offering is with 4K monitors which let you game with an immense level of details. I’ve never seen the computers used in the Monster section in any gaming cafe ever!


Arknemesis gaming is a step in the right direction to build a community around gaming in Chennai. They will be actively hosting events which should be fun to check out. Arknemesis is not just about gaming. It is about creating a community, a place to hang out and the best experience possible. Now that Arknemesis gaming has set a new standard for Gaming cafes in India, expect to see more of these in other cities too!

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