NVIDIA just announced the 1050 and 1050Ti, once again based on this year’s PASCAL Architecture. NVIDIA is marketing this as the best entry level card, and it is!

1050 runs on 75W and does not even require the power supply from the PSU. The GPU can run on a bare minimum of 300W PSU.

1050 has 640 CUDA Cores and 2GB GDDR5 Memory. This will retail at $109.

The second version, 1050Ti is a slightly upgraded model. It has 768 CUDA Cores and most importantly, 4GB GDDR5 Memory. This version will retail at $139.


With the 1050 and 1050Ti, there will be no reference version. All models sold will be through partners. So each card is slightly different from the other. Most of them come with 1 HDMI, 1 DVI and 1 Display Port.

The new cards are meant to be easiest to use. Install the card(No messing around with the PSU), update the driver and play.


1080 is being sold as the Flagship Model, whereas the 1070 and 1060 are being sold for serious gaming. So where does the 1050 stand? It is being targeted towards average gamers.

Most average consumers game on a 1080p Monitor which maxes out at 60Hz. For this, the 1080, 1070 or even the 1060 is an overkill. This is where the 1050 comes in.


1050 should be able to play most of the latest titles in 1080p. Personally, I have a 1080, and I play DOTA2 most of the time. For this usage, 1080 is an extreme overkill.

1050 might be the perfect card to get started with PC gaming and brings the cost down to the level of console gaming. Chances are, you might already have a PC and adding this inexpensive card will instantly enable you to play the latest titles effortlessly.

Both the NVIDIA 1050 and 1050Ti will be available from October 25th in the US. They should be available in India also starting next week. But there is no solid date on when it will be available or the Pricing.

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