WhatsApp user base is increasing at an unprecedented rate and it is almost impossible to find someone owning a Smartphone without WhatsApp installed on it. It is undoubtedly a good sign for the average Indian to embrace technology but on the contrary propaganda is reaching new heights in digital India.

Its been over a year or two since I uninstalled WhatsApp but I have been kept in the loop thanks to the community.
Reddit India (A subreddit based on India) is one such place where I regularly see such cringe worthy forwards. I have been there for several months now and there have been plenty of such message being shared by the “Unkill network” – A name given to the people who forward such messages by this community.

There are claims that few people forward them in-spite of the fact that is completely bulls#** (Excuse my profanity but there is no better word to explain it).

All this took a new turn when a user going by the name TemptNotTheBlade made up this post on the subreddit:

It took less than a day to start circulating on WhatsApp and do not be surprised – nobody knew it was sarcasm. Nobody.
Users claim there were lengthy discussions in groups they were a part of in defense of the statute that is being constructed for over 3000 Crores.
909% of such forwards can be called out without a fact check yet people fail to recognize it.

The BJP IT wing is being wrongly accused of creating this. while they may have the credits for all other UNESCO award winning forwards this one belong to the Indian Reddit community.

There is a dedicated subreddit called “theUnkillNetwork” where all such forwards are being archived. Pay them a visit if you want to see the propaganda that is flying around.

This one really deserves the UNESCO award for the being the best forward!

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