Corsair Vengeance M95 has been on my table for quite a while, It’s been an actual replacement to the trackpad. My primary computer is a MacBook so the trackpad is just so good that you’ll probably wouldn’t need a mouse. This device came in for review, so I had to try it out.

For the most of my time with the mouse, I had to try it with my Mac which wasn’t the best experience because Corsair doesn’t have the necessary software support. Searching on the Interwebs, I managed to find a third-party replacement software called Steermouse which did the basic stuff like adjusting the mouse sensitivity and adding functions to the extra buttons which otherwise couldn’t be used with proper drivers for OS X.

So eventually I had to try it on a windows machine so that I could set up the mouse for once, which would allow me to change profiles on the fly once I’ve set the profiles through the Corsair software. It allows you to set different profiles and assign the buttons for separate functions and adjust the LEDs. Profiles can be identified with the profile LED indicator which can be assigned in the panel.

Corsair Vengeance M95 Review

The mouse has  a lot of customizable buttons which have been quite well placed with almost over 7 keys in contact without having to move the finger much. Although that statement will depend on the size of the hand and the position in which the mouse is held. Every button can re-assigned, this could mean a lot to a FPS (first person shooter) gamers who would want different buttons to do a specific action. Allowing the change of profiles on the fly is absolutely awesome. I set different DPI (dots per inch) for different profiles and played around with it and it worked well while testing. Every profile can have a custom DPI, report rate setting and different button settings and macros.

Technically, DPI is the number of dots the mouse can read from the surface. The maximum DPI possible on this mouse is an overkill at 8200 DPI, I don’t see anyone needing that high DPI even if you’re going to be gaming a lot. Although, If it’s a setup with 4 x 4K displays and you need to move around all those pixels really quick. It’s not always bigger numbers mean bigger benefits.

I got the Arctic White Corsair Vengeance M95 for review, it’s also available in two other colours. The mouse glows with the Corsair logo all the time which looks great when used in the dark. With a few illuminated keys and some light bleeding through the click wheel, it looks ridiculously good. The mouse is pretty huge, One could figure that from the picture where I’ve put the mouse next to a 11″inch MacBook Air.

It allows comfortable resting of the palm and fit in my hand really well. The huge size allows almost anyone to use it comfortably. One can definitely tell this is a well built mouse when held, It has 2mm thick aluminium plate which gives a solid feel. The cable is braided and should take all the tossing and twisting in the long run.

Corsair Vengeance M95 Review

This mouse works great for almost any use on the computer or laptop. The scroll wheel is incredibly accurate for scrolling and reading through long subreddit pages. To really appreciate a high DPI mouse, Gaming with it is the answer. I’m not a gamer my self but I have played a lot of Unreal Tournament in the past which made me want to try it out with the Vengeance M95.

So I launched Unreal Tournament ’04 and went on a killing spree. Set a few functions on the extra buttons I could get my fingers on, and it was GAME ON. There was this nifty little move on Unreal Tournament which is used  jump and shoot and still stay on target, by with mapping the jump key right next to my shoot key. I could double tap much easier with all the control of my player right where I wanted. All these extra buttons took a while to getting used to, but helped me while playing. I can only imagine what more could be done by setting macros with delays which someone games a lot would understand. All this didn’t stop until I played some Tomb Raider : Underworld and the classic Age of Empires 2 until I had to give up else I wouldn’t stop.

The whole experience of using a high DPI sensor mouse made things a lot easier, I found myself having to adjust back a slower mouse quite hard. Corsair Vengeance M95 could be the answer for someone who wants a lot of buttons to defeat the next enemy in your game or just a casual multi-tasker who want some high DPI. To use this mouse on a Mac would be quite difficult because having to move to a Windows PC to set the configuration, although if in the future Corsair plans to release software support – this would be a great choice.

Corsair Vengeance M95 Review
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