Today, Asus announced four new laptops and two desktops in their ROG lineup. Starting with laptops, there’s the ROG G752VY which is high end, ROG G501VW which is super light and ultra-portable, GL552VW and G551VW which are mid-tier laptops. On the desktop side, the new G20 & GT51 were announced. It is really cool to see companies like Asus taking their gaming market seriously and making early releases in India.

Peter Chang, Asus’s Country Manager said “Gaming technology is always evolving as a gaming enthusiast is always looking for upgrading or enhancing their systems. Today, along with high performance and graphics, gamers also want their machines to be portable and light-weight. With our new ROG series launch, we have tried our best to cater to the demands of all the gaming segments i.e. from entry and mainstream levels to professional gaming. It has always been our endeavour to provide the best gaming experience to the users and ultimately help the gaming industry in India to thrive”.

ROG GT51 is the first desktop which was announced. This machine is a beast with no compromises. The highest end ones ships with Intel Core i7-6700K and has NVIDIA GeForce TITAN X which can power three 4K monitors simultaneously! Also, there is an option to overclock the CPU with just one click. Another neat addition is the inclusion of USB Type-C port with transmission speed upto 10Gbps. The casing also looks brazen. It comes with an Aluminium Titanium and Plasma Copper finish, a transparent side window(To flaunt that Titan) and customisable lighting with up to 8 million colours.

ROG G20 is the second desktop which was announced today. It does not have the high specs of the previous desktop, but it is incredibly small. It is as small as the Mac Mini from Apple. But it does not compromise on specs or expansion options. The highest version comes with Nvidia GTX 980.

On the laptop section, Asus started off with ROG G752VY which has the same Armour Titanium and Plasma Copper finish of the GT51 desktop. It supports up to 6th Generation Intel Skylake Core i7 Processor, 64GB DDR4 RAM and NVIDIA GeForce 980m graphics. It includes and exclusive cooling system known as 3D Vapour Chamber which does a better job on cooling the CPU and GPU.

The next one to be showcased was G501VW which has NVIDIA GTX960M Graphics and 16GB GDDR5 RAM. This is not much when compared with the laptop above. But this one is super slim(20.6mm) and really light(2.06kg). The amount of chipsets packed in is insane and offering all of this in a compact and ultra portable package makes it an amazing portable device.

G551VW is another laptop which runs on NVIDIA GTX 960M, 4GB RAM, 1TB storage and 128GB SSD. The biggest difference to this laptop is that it comes with a 4K display and the GPU is perfectly capable of rendering the latest titles easily.

GL552VW is the final laptop which was released today. It has a brand new metallic design inspired by the F22 Stealth Aircraft. This one is powered by the Intel i7 Skylake processor, NVIDIA 960M Graphics and 4GB GDDR5 RAM. Also, it has 1TB Hard Drive along with 128GB SSD.

Each of the product come with multiple variations. Following is the price of the base variants:
ROG GT51 – INR 3,25,900
ROG G20CB –INR 1,22,990
ROG G501VW – INR 95,490
G551VW – INR 1,00,490
G752VY – INR 1,79,990
GL552VW – INR 82,490

We’ll be publishing reviews for all the products as soon as we get the review units. Stay Tuned!

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