iOS 10 is the latest operating system for the iPhone and it is not yet out to the public. The list of iOS 10 features and changes are great. Most of the biggest changes are for the developers and opening up the operating system. Developers can finally access Siri to build custom commands. Now, you can ask Siri to send a message to your friend in the messenger of your choice!

Here are some of the best iOS 10 features or changes in action:

Delete Stock apps

Finally! You can now delete most of the apps you have in that junk folder of yours with all the default stock apps which has been shipping with the iPhone for over a decade!

Lockscreen Widgets

Lockscreen widgets are not exactly on the lockscreen, but it is easier than ever before to access them. The widget screen which was in the notification bar has been moved to the left side of the lockscreen which can be accessed by swiping left.

Apple Music App Redesigned 

Apple Music was really controversial last year for it did not always work and it was unintuitive. The whole app has been redesigned from the ground up now and the connect tab has been removed. More importance has been given to your music and discovering more music.

Photos App New Features

Google Photos is an amazing app. It uploads every photo of yours and tries to find the context of the image. It detects the things on your photo and the people  in them. The new photos app does all this, locally without uploading any photo to their server. This is really secure as every photo is with you and not on any server across the globe. Another new feature is Memories which automatically creates new albums from meaningful events in your life along with a short video.

Emoji suggestions in Keyboard 

Keyboard Suggestions is something that is already on iOS. With iOS 10, the keyboard will automatically suggest emojis when you type them. Typing the word ‘Happy’ would show happy emojis and touching them would replace the word with the emoji.

New Lockscreen Notifications

The notifications on the lockscreen has been changed from flat lines to circular boxes. Also, the colour scheme of your wallpaper stays.

Bedtime Alarms

A new feature in the clock app from Apple is Bedtime Alarms. It give you an alarm you you to go to sleep and to wake up. Below that, it gives your sleep analysis graph.

Control Center

Small changes have been made to the control center. The music controls have been removed and everything else remains. To control music, swipe right from the control center for rich information on the music that is currently playing.

Clear All Notifications

Up until now, clearing all notifications was cumbersome. Now you can do it in one go with 3D Touch.

Shortcut to Enable/Disable Data

Enabling and Disabling Data is time consuming. Every time you have to open up the settings app and go to the data menu to turn it off. With iOS 10, there is a 3D Touch Shortcut for the settings app to directly get into the data menu to turn it ON or OFF.

Edit Live Photos

Up until now, editing Live Photos would break them and make them a static image. Now, if you edit a live photo, it will remain a live photo.

New Camera Launch Action

With iOS 9, the camera shortcut in the bottom of the screen has to be pushed up to open the camera. With iOS 10, just swipe left from anywhere on the lockscreen to access the camera app.

These are just some of the features of iOS 10. Some of the best features are are the ones given to the developers and we should start seeing them once they start using it.

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