Previously we’d reviewed the SCUF 4PS which was our favourite controller and the best custom controller we’ve seen for the Playstation. But at the time of reviewing SCUF was selling an Infinity version for the Xbox One. Now the Infinity variant is available for the Playstation too.

The SCUF Infinity 4PS is still an expensive custom made controller. But with the Infinity, the customisability goes way beyond the previous version and is on whole another level. Like the last time, the process of placing an order is incredibly detailed, and you’ll have an expansive list of things to choose from.

The first thing you get to choose is the base colour of your controller. The last time I picked a Black and Yellow Bumblebee colour scheme. This time, I wanted something different. So I chose the base colour as red. The next thing after choosing the colour is the buttons. I opted to go all green with this one and also remove the print from all the buttons.


The first prominent addition to the SCUF are the paddles on the back. It has two customisable paddles on the back, just the way the previous one does. You can reprogram it to any button on the controller depending on your preference for the kind of game you’re playing. To reprogram the paddles, you’ll have to use a magnet which is included with the controller. But this is an option which you’ll have to add while placing the order.

Once again, you can choose to remove the Rumbles from the controller. Removing them rumbles significantly reduces the weight of the controller. It is not something I’d like to do but is there is you need it.

On the back, right next to the paddles are the grips. The last time I got plain rubber grips which adds some friction to the controller, but with the new version you can have a textured grip. This feels great and also adds a lot of friction without hurting much.


The next significant change to the controller are the thumb sticks. Previously, you could choose the thumb sticks you wanted. You could choose the height, and have either concave or convex surface. Once you chose one, that was it. But with the new Infinity controller, you can have them all. There’s a lock on the thumb stick. Twist it and pop the thumb stick out. Once that’s done, you can insert the one you want which is amazing!

The Infinity version once again has customisability for the Dpad. You can choose to get a control disk which is removable if needed. It is an amazing feature, once again!


Coming to the triggers, there is nothing new to R1 and L1. But R2 and L2 is the single biggest addition to the new Infinity controller. The first option is you can swap out the regular sized trigger for extra long ones which are a lot more comfortable to use. Another option with these triggers is you can set how hard the triggers are. But this is not everything. You can also set how far the R2 and L2 triggers can travel. This is the kind of customisability which makes a whole lot of difference to your gaming experience.


The new SCUF Infinity 4PS is one heck of a controller. It can cost up to $200 including shipping depending on the options you choose to have. Also, it takes a while to ship since all of this is custom made for you individually after you’ve placed the order.


An expensive custom made controller makes a lot more sense now more than ever. Previously, we said the SCUF 4PS was for serious gamers and was an expensive purchase to make for casual gamers. But now with Steam officially supporting PS4 controllers for PC, investing in one of these controllers is going to come handy both for your PS and PC gaming.

Click here to customise and start building your SCUF Infinity 4PS right now.

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