What does Microsoft at E3 2014 have to offer the gaming community ? Let’s have a look. At E3 2013, it was a massive downfall for Microsoft in promoting Xbox One. It was Sony’s Playstation 4 which had taken all the fame and trust overthrowing Microsoft’s Xbox One. The question still remains, has Xbox One made its mark in the gaming community yet?

At E3 2014, Microsoft made loads of game announcements and trailers of exclusive content for the next generation gaming console. They barely even mentioned anything non-game, Maybe it is time Microsoft takes things seriously against Sony’s Playstation 4. Here is their E3 lineup featuring the best from the company.

Microsoft E3 Media briefing started with Phil Spencer – the new head of Xbox sharing his mixed views about the company in delivering amazing user satisfaction and customer support. It is indeed true that there are no rivals in the gaming industry, they all are just competitors. He made great comments about the shared goals of the company itself, Sony and Nintendo in providing great customer fidelity and how they all grow the gaming industry to a whole new level.

First impression is the best impression, Isn’t it? Yes it is, Microsoft was too clever in debuting the gameplay of Call of Duty : Advance Warfare first, which is the eleventh major installment from Call of Duty franchise. The game was looking more than alive on the new console. The gameplay started with US Marines kicking off a mission in Seoul, South Korea.

The environment was selected indeed to bump up the mechanics of the game and to present how pleasing it looks in Xbox One. It was rather confusing “Is that a PC render?”, But clearly it isn’t. This is what Xbox One has to offer its customers. With the recent updates to the console, It is now in full-fledged form upholding its horizon at par with Sony PlayStation 4.

Coming down to the game, it looks so polished up from the ground up. This time the new Call of Duty game is developed by Sledgehammer games which was recently bought by Activision. The gameplay was very much advanced ranging from the heat-signatured grenades to hardcore exo-suits looks super exciting. The game is set to be released for all the platforms on 4th November 2014.

Everyone loves playing Co-op missions with friends and family. Don’t we? What’s this one about? Can you imagine four player Co-op missions in Assassin’s Creed. This time it was true, Next up is the official reveal of the co-op gameplay of long rumoured Assassin’s Creed : Unity.

Yes, you heard it correct. Four player co-op in Assassin’s Creed. I bet we have seen old multiplayer mode from Assassin’s Creed : Black Flag, Did that even live up to the expectation ? Ubisoft has spent a lot of time crafting a better single player campaign and exciting multiplayer (co-op) gameplay. The game will be available for Xbox One 28th October 2014.

Another Tomb Raider game!! Oh my God!! This was the reaction among the crowd at E3 when they were showcased a mysterious game, only when the logo was revealed at the end – the crowd at E3 was mind-blown. It’s really difficult to comprehend what has happened to Lara Croft, so many unanswered questions like Why is she consulting a psychiatrist?. Only time will tell what the story is all about. The game is officially announced, It is called Rise of Tomb Raider. The game is set to go public during holiday 2015.

Online multiplayer frenzy has just begun mainstream, You probably guessed it right. This game is at around for a while, While taking its time for its public release, Microsoft teased everyone with a trailer of  Tom Clancy’s : The Division.

Witcher 3 : The Wild hunt was one of the most expected game in E3. Even before its official showcase by Electronic Arts, Micosoft was bit lucky in debuting the gameplay footage before them. It had an overwhelming response from the crowd. Geralt was portrayed playing around with his witcher skills in pursuing a wild griffin. The inventory hasn’t changed to an extent from previous titles yet it does the job. Killing the griffin by slicing it into two with the witcher blade was gross yet interesting.

Forza Motosport is an iconic game series exclusively developed for Microsoft’s Xbox One. They have always been successful in delivering the ultimate gaming multiplayer experience. Microsoft announced Forza Horizon 2, It re-imagines multiplayer gaming to a whole new level. With extensive dedicated servers, It is best at what it offers. The game is developed by Playground Games in collaboration with Turn 10 Studios available September 30 2014.

The classy first person sniping game gets another installment, Sniper Elite.

New trailer premiered for Bioware’s upcoming role-playing game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. There was not any disclosure of further details. The footage shows us the immersive combat perspective of game with some of the cool landscape views out there in the open world. There was a dragon featured combat scene which sure delivers the expected spooks in the game. Teaming up is all that matters in the game. It will be available for Xbox One on 7th October 2014. 

Sunset Overdrive – It is third-person shooter video game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for the  Xbox One. This game is the comedy king of all games. Kicking off the debut at E3 with a stage of seriousness and silence, We were fooled by what we savvy about it. Right next came out humorous gameplay footage which indeed stole the heart of the crowd. The game is available exclusively for Xbox One this October 28.

Fable Legends – Now you can play as villain and also you can customize yourself. Isn’t that cool? With villain mode, you can lay down traps and do much more into making the characters fail. It will be a splendid gameplay with players teaming up for a greater and immense action. It you need first looks, wait for the beta which comes out during the holidays.

Halo Master chief edition, What is it? It is a remastered collection of all the Halo hits until now in a single disc. This news has been a rumour for a quite a long time and now it’s officially out. Remastering is done by 343 Industries. All remastered games will be playable at full 1080p locked at 60fps. What more do you want from Halo team for their Anniversary? Also notable that Halo 5 Beta kicks off at December and you need a Master chief edition for laying your hands on Halo 5 beta.

New Dead Rising 3 DLC is available now. During its premiere at E3 it showed a glimpse upon Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX+ Alpha DLC which is set to bring back the classic Dead Rising heroes and 4 player Co-op features. Lots more to play with advanced gameplay moves, power ups and bonus stages. 

That’s all from the Microsoft. Check out what Sony had to offer at E3 2014.

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