Sitting far away from your Mac and watching a movie or listening to music and want to seek without having to get up? Now, this is the part where Flutter by Bot Square Inc. fixes this. Magically. Mere hand gestures will do the trick!Flutter

Used Where?

Flutter can control most of the major media applications like iTunes, VLC media player, Quick Time, Spotify.

Netflix, YouTube, Pandora Radio and Grooveshark can also be controlled with your hands through Google Chrome extension.


These amazingly simple hand gesture controls can be carried out using your MacBook’s front camera, nothing more! Want to pause music or video? Put your palm up front your MacBook screen and voila! Want to seek forward or back? Thumbs right for seeking forward and left for back. It is that simple! The app fits snugly in the menu bar for easy access. Turn camera on or off, use Flutter to control one specific app, and everything else right from the menu bar.



The Flutter just came with its major update to version 0.5.54, where it supports Netflix, YouTube, Grooveshark, Pandora Radio through a Chrome extension.

The cherry on the topping about this is that this awesome app comes absolutely FREE of cost! at $4.99. With a rating of  4.5, this one is a real keeper!

Download Flutter for Mac


A Mac must be running OS X 10.6 if you want to control your media without touching your machine!



P.S. – Keep distance (around 6 ft) for smooth operation. 

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