Seems like India might not get the Bling according to our reliable sources. Apple this year released a new Color other than the existing Black(Space Grey) and White(Silver) which is Champagne Gold. Since it’s release, it has been the most difficult phone to buy and it’s price has increased exponentially in the black markets. Apple has increased the production of Gold iPhone 5s. This can differentiate between the iPhone 5 and 5s which otherwise has almost the same finish.

This is a very disappointing move from Apple with the fact that people in Indians would have to pay $200 more for the same phone when compared to the other parts of the world.

Gold might be cut out only for the first shipment. But, Apple always sends in the first shipment for the release date and the next one comes extremely late. The phones get sold out on the first day and there’d be no stock in most of the shops at least for a couple of months.

If you were thinking of getting a Gold iPhone 5s, you’d have to wait till January at least.

Update: Most of the stores do not tell this. But asking particularly at authorised resellers if Gold iPhone 5s would be available on the first day, they’d tell you that it won’t. They’d tell you it’d come only in the second shipment.

Disclaimer: Since there is no official announcement from Apple, it cannot be confirmed.

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  1. harish

    Bhaiii … tu apple kaa damaad hai ya tujhe sapne aa rhe?? hai kya tuu?? na koi trusted source na kuchhh… sirf internet traffic k liye kuch bhi likhegaa… gadhee

    • Jay

      We got it from a close source, we only say that it is NOT “official” yet.
      Our sources put their bets on apple not making it available.


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