Cables are one of the biggest problems in the tech industry. For years, companies have come up with their own proprietary cables for each new device and there is too much of fragmentation which is really frustrating as a consumer. For this reason, USB Type-C was materialised with help from Apple. Last year, Apple even released a new 12” MacBook with only one port, which is USB Type-C. Here are the top 5 reasons why USB Type-C is the future:

One cabe to rule them all!

The whole idea of USB Type-C is that a single port can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used to charge a device, or connect it with various accessories. With more devices across multiple categories adopting to it, the future looks promising. One cable can be used to transfer data, connect to an external display and a thumb drive.

Faster data transfer rate

USB Type-C is the fastest way to transfer data right now. In fact, it is twice as fast as the next best thing, Thunderbolt 2 from Intel. Thunderbolt 2 has a transfer speed of 20 Gbps while USB Type-C has a transfer speed of 40 Gbps. If not for it’s universal connectivity, USB Type-C is awesome just for it’s transfer speed.

Faster Charging

USB Type-C not only has faster data transfer speed, it also lets more voltage to pass through it. That tiny cable is fast enough to charge a full size laptop! We no longer need those bulky AC adapters. USB Type-C can deliver power at up to 100 watts at 20 volts.


USB Type-C is reversible, meaning they can be inserted on both side. This is something that has been on iOS devices for a while, but it has always been frustrating with the Micro-USB on Android phones. During the night, it is always a hit and a miss. So, the reversible nature of USB Type-C is a welcome move.

Supports multiple protocols

For a device to connect with multiple device, it needs various protocols. Till now, we’ve been limited by the protocols supported by cables which made it hard to use one cable for multiple purposes. USB Type-C is the first single cable to support multiple protocols. It supports Thunderbolt, USB, DisplayPort and various other protocols at the same time.

USB Type-C is the future and we are glad it is finally here. The best part is that companies see the bigger picture and have been embracing it completely. A Many recent flagships like the Nexus 5s, Nexus 6p and LeEco Le 1s come with USB Type-C. Also, Apple has used in in their latest MacBook which makes it a lot more appealing for others to use it too.


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