CrashGuard is an interesting bumper which I was really intrigued in because of the videos on their site. They had guys throwing their iPhones like crazy and not a single dent on them! So I pinged them to send them over to our office for us to check it out.

I used it for over a couple of weeks, and this is definitely a case to keep! For starters, it gave me a peace of mind and I don’t have to worry about dropping my phone. I know that the bumper will be protecting the slab of glass.

The bumper is made out of their own proprietary polymer, and there is a hexagon pattern on the inside. What this means is that when you drop your phone, the shock spreads out evenly throughout the surface of your device thus reducing the total damage. The whole system is totally genius, and it seems to work. This construction gives a phone with this bumper protection from drops up to 11.5 feet. I did try dropping my phone a few times in every possible way and not one sign on damage. Also, I lent the case to a friend who regularly drops his device and he found this to be pretty cool.


The outside of the case has a matt finish. I used this case with an iPhone 6s Plus, and this bumper did not give me enough grip. It was not bad, but average. That is probably the only complaint about this case!

The case has separate rubber buttons for volume and power which are easy to reach. It has a cutout for the mute switch which is pretty deep, but that is normal. On the bottom, there are separate cut-outs for the charging port and headphone jack. This cut-out was something I was definitely impressed with the bumper. My primary headphones are Audio Technica M50x and Bose QC20i. Previously, I’ve had lots of issues with cases not having big enough cut-outs for these headphones. Especially the thicker drop-proof ones. This one was different. This one let me use both the headphones comfortably. Both on the front and back, it is raised well above the phone. This way, the phone will never contact the surface you keep it on either side!

Evolutive Labs, the guys who make Rhinoshield sent the case along with their screen protector. At first I missed it, and it looked like an average screen protector. But later, I discovered that the guys at Evolutive Labs have put in their mind to make their own material for this scratch guard too. It is an impact absorbing polymer which can absorb shock up to 5 times more than a gorilla glass. Also, the polymer does not feel cheap and feels great to touch. Along with that, it comes with the standard Oleophobic coating.


The bumper costs $25, and the scratch guard costs $27. You can get them both as a bundle at $50. I am not really a bumper person. For me, Evolutive Labs had something in mind, and they sent me a PlayProof case too. That is the one I am really impressed with.

The bumper comes in 13 different colours, and they are not just for iPhones. They offer the case for a huge range of Android phones too.

You can get the bumper if you want the least amount of case while providing the highest amount of protection and at the same time keeping the Apple branding visible. But if you want something more, check out the review of Evolutive Lab’s Playproof case here. Click on this link to buy the bumper, here to buy the scratch guard or click here to buy them as a bundle.

RhinoShield CrashGuard: Review
Ease of Removal7.5
  • Minimal Footprint
  • Good Protection
  • Access to Ports
  • A bit slippery with big phones
  • Not easy to remove
9.1Overall Score
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