This year, it was a surprise when Apple send out invites for an event in March. The major announcements were leaked, though. So, here’s everything that happened at the event:

Apple’s stand on privacy

Early this year, Apple got in a debacle with the American Government over Privacy. They wanted a particular terrorist’s iPhone unlocked which was impossible because the phones are encrypted. For this reason, the FBI wanted Apple to build a new version of OS which can easily be unlocked by the FBI. But the thing about opening up is, when there is a key it can always be duplicated. Tim Cook took his stand on why Apple would not do it.

Apple going Green

The next thing Apple was committed to after privacy is about them going green. 93% of the energy used by Apple worldwide is green energy is green and they are really proud of it. They also had a cool green apple logo.


Along with green energy, Apple has been making highly recyclable products for years now. But the intricate machinery is hard to dismantle and recycle materials individually. For this reason, Apple has created a new robot which dismantles and separates each material in a matter of few seconds so that they can be recycled. Check out the cool video below:

OS Updates

After more than ten beta releases, iOS 9.3 was made available to the public. The biggest feature of iOS 9.3 is Nightshift, which enables a Flux like feature which removes the blue light during the night. Along with iOS 9.3 for iOS devices, WatchOS 2.2 was released which came with a lot of bug fixes. Also, TV OS 9.2 9.2 was released which has better Siri features and folders for apps.

Apple Watch Update

Apple announced new updates for the Apple Watch. New nylon bands were announced which looks cool. Also, the pricing for Apple Watch has been updated. There is a price drop of $50 in every model. So now, watches start at $300 for the 38mm sport.

iPhone SE

Apple did a stunt with the iPhone 5c a few years back but after the launch of iPhone 6, they never went back to a smaller screen. But this year, they did just that! Apple went back to the smaller 4-inch screen. On the outside, it is the same build of iPhone 5 and 5s. But everything has been changed internally. It has the same specs of the iPhone 6s along with the improved processor, TouchID and 12MP camera with 4K recording. The only thing missing is 3D touch. The phone comes in two variants and four different colours including Rose Gold: 16GB and 64GB. The 16GB version costs $399 and 64GB version costs $499. Though the pricing is good in the US, it has been a disappointment in India. iPhone SE will be available in India early April. The 16GB version will cost Rs. 39,000 and 64GB version will cost Rs. 49,000. It is not really inexpensive, but still good enough for the price it is being offered at.

New iPad Pro 

After the release of the iPad Pro Late last year, Apple just announced a smaller iPad Pro at yesterday’s event. It has the same size of the iPad Air 2, which is 9.7 inches but has the same internals of the iPad Pro and the same set of speakers. Also, there is a new version of the keyboard cover for this new smaller iPad Pro and also, support for the Apple Pencil. It is available in 3 different variants and 4 different colours: 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. Yes, 256GB! For the first time Apple has introduced an iOS device with 256GB. Also, they’ve included 256GB for the already existing 12.9″ iPad Pro.

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