Aircel, a prominent service provider in India, gets 53% Data Revenue Growth and 65% Consumption Growth. The major reason behind is their campaign, ‘Be Online With Aircel’. They have multiple competitive plans for data which makes it more accessible for the first time users. Under this ‘Be Online With Aircel’ campaign, one of the plans is Free Basic Internet which gets you access to a few of the sites for free without paying for any data. Another plan is Aircel offers unlimited 3G at Rs. 9 which gets you unlimited internet for one full day, no strings attached.

All the Aircel Plans are unlimited with different FUPs. They work the way unlimited plans in broadbands do. You pay for the high speed and once you hit the FUP, your speed is scaled down, but you continue receiving unlimited data!

Another feature with Aircel data plan is that the 1GB plan has different validity and price depending on the user. For someone who uses data a lot, they will get the 1GB data at a lesser price, but the validity will be lower. For someone who rarely uses data, they will get the 1GB data for a slightly higher price, but will last longer.

Sunil Kuttam, Head – Data & Devices, Aircel, said, “The internet penetration in rural India is remarkably low at 13% as against 54% in urban India in a country that anyway has the lowest internet penetration among major economies. One of the factors that negatively influences this phenomenon is high data prices, and as a responsible telecom operator, Aircel is taking the lead in the mobile internet space with renewed energy and vigour with its ‘Be Online with Aircel’ initiative that simply aims to get more people online by making mobile internet affordable for all.”

He adds, “Data consumption by Aircel customers has seen a dramatic rise since the launch of the umbrella campaign – our unmatched offerings helped Aircel record 53% data revenue growth and 65% consumption growth in 2015. In addition, we witnessed 104% growth in 3G revenues and 167% growth in 3G users last year. The penetration of 3G devices has also grown by 65% and subscribers by 144% on year-on-year basis for Aircel. With Aircel’s new, attractive mass campaign that appeals to all to ‘Be Online with Aircel’, we aim to continue driving a much sharper growth this year, which will help us take data to the next level of growth and acceptance in India.”

Editor’s Note:

India is one of the largest growing markets for data consumption and access to data is really important. It is good to see brands like Aircel bring up innovative plans. But we need even cheaper access to data for a higher level of penetration which is not currently possible. Though the government claims to promote Digital India, they have failed to do the most basic thing: Make it easier for cheaper access to data.  Currently the price of spectrum s ridiculously high and it is impossible for telecom providers to bring data to a cheaper prices. The Government should open up more bands and they should be given at a cheaper prices to the network providers if they want India to go Truly Digital!


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