SCUF brand of controllers has been around since 2010, used by all Pro Gamers. I am no pro gamer, but while looking for worthwhile accessories for my PS 4, I came across the Scuf 4PS. Last year, Microsoft announced an elite controller for Xbox One and I wished Sony did something like that for the PS4. SCUF manufactures custom hand made controllers for PS4 with a huge level of customisability.

For our testing purposes, we got the PS4 version, SCUF 4PS. We’ve always been PlayStation gamers and it was an unanimous decision! For the PS4 version, custom colours cannot be set. But there is a wide variety of colour schemes to choose from. We got the Hornet version of SCUF 4PS(It’s just black and yellow!).

After the colour scheme is chosen, there is a huge list of customisation options to choose from. Anything you add or remove will cost extra money.



Every SCUF 4PS comes with paddles on its back by default. This is what makes them unique and will give you an edge while gaming when compared to the default controller sold by Sony. By default, the left paddle is configured to be ‘X’ and right paddle to be ‘O’.

But, you can choose to have the paddles to be reprogrammable. If this option is chosen, a tiny magnet is included with the controller which can be used to reprogram the paddles to any button of your choice on your controller.

SCUF 4PS: The ultimate controller for PS4

The magnet is attached to the back of the controller and paddle to be reprogrammed is held down. After that, the button to be assigned is pressed and both the paddle and the button are released. That’s it! The paddle is reprogrammed to the button of your choice. This is a dream come true for me! This alone has immensely enhanced my gaming experience letting me play games for long hours.

If you just play FPS games, you might not want remap-able paddles. But if you play a wide range of games, it is an essential add-on and completely worth it.


SCUF offers an option to have the rumbles removed. Initially I was not sure why anyone would want to do that because if someone hates rumbles, they can go into settings and disable it. But looking into it, apparently removing rumbles reduces the weight of the controller in a significant way. I choose to have them though.


SCUF 4PS: The ultimate controller for PS4

Every SCUF controller comes with grips on it’s back by default which is coloured grey. The colour can be customised though. I chose to leave them the default way. It’s dark grey and barely noticeable until you really look into it.

It does not add a great deal of grip to the controller. But, it does make the controller a bit warm and natural to hold instead of the harsh plastic. It is another nice add on.


SCUF 4PS: The ultimate controller for PS4

SCUF controllers by default come with the default Thumbsticks which I absolutely hate. They can be customised with two different options: Concave and doomed. Also, both these options come in two different sizes: Medium and Long. I have large hands and the small Thumbsticks included with the default controller is a huge pain. So I chose Concave long thumbsticks for both left and right. They add so much difference(In a good way!) for my gaming experience now.

Control disc


Control Disc is another nice addition to the SCUF controller. A control disc covers the Dpad and I absolutely love them. This way, I wouldn’t have to lift my finger when I’m choosing options on the Dpad. Also, the control disc is removable to get the normal Dpad in case you need a it at any time.



Final option to customise is the buttons. You can choose to leave them the default way where the symbols are printed or have a set of completely blank buttons.


SCUF 4PS: The ultimate controller for PS4

Along with the controllers, SCUF sells a bunch of accessories as well. The only accessory I’d really recommend is the protection case. This is an expensive piece of controller and if you carry it to places, you wouldn’t want it to break!


Before the checkout, SCUF asks about the type of games you play. This way, they claim they test the controller with that game and fine tune it for that game.


Each controller is hand made according to your specifications. So it takes them time to build it(A week or two). But of course, you can pay extra for having it delivered sooner.



SCUF 4PS starts at $120, but it quickly climbs up to around $200 with the customisation and accessories. Almost all Pro-Gamers use SCUF controllers for gaming. So where does this stand for an average gamer? Well, I am no pro gamer and initially thought this is an overkill. But after using it for a while, there is no way I can go back to using a normal controller. It just offers so much comfort and enhances your gaming experience by a mile.

I do not play a lot of FPS games. For major part of my review, I tested it with The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid 5. I played both the games for a good amount of time with the default PS 4 controller. It’s just so much more comfortable to play them on SCUF 4PS. It’s not just them, any game I tried, it definitely added a new level of comfort while gaming.

Also, the cost of console gaming is cheaper when compared with PC gaming. In the two years I’ve owned a PS4, I’ve never had the need to purchase any sort of accessories or make upgrades. Looking at it this way, spending $200 on this controller is completely worth it. Controller is the only way you interact with the whole console and upgrading it upgrades the whole gaming experience.

You can get the SCUF 4PS on their site here.

Also, if you’re an Xbox gamer, make sure to check out their SCUF Infinity1 which is absolutely amazing and gives a whole new level of customisability. More than what Microsoft offers with their elite controller.

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