This is the third post on our ongoing series on Facebook Addiction Control – How to Remove Facebook Ticker. Have a look at the first and second post.

The reason behind the massive success of Facebook that it has mastered the art of productivity-killing by being the best procrastination tool out there. Apart from News Feed there is another stream of constantly updating content, the Facebook Ticker. Facebook Ticker will always let your friends know that you are using Facebook though you might not wanting to be visible. It can sometimes violate privacy. Apart from the fact that everything that applies to the News Feed, applies also to the Ticker, there one big trouble with the Ticker and that the fact that Facebook Ticker covers all the posts that you are not subscribed to at all. Thus, this might be very frustrating for many users to see same post for more than one time.

Good for us, that just as we have the News Feed Eradicator, we also have the Facebook Ticker Killer available on the Chrome Web Store. The Facebook Ticker Killer completely removes the Ticker from your view so that you don’t have to see the same post twice, thrice – and there we have another part of Facebook taken care of.  The app has already been able to get some good ratings on the Chrome App Store. It does looks like a spin-off from the News Feed Eradicator and we wish these two features were available in the same app.

Facebook Addiction Control Part 3: Remove Facebook Ticker

We hope that this app comes as a great relief to you. Stay tuned with us on Techzei as we give you more tips and tricks to control your Facebook usage in our on-going series.


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