Flip is a portable Bluetooth Speaker which has been there in the market for some time now. The reason we are doing a review of this now is that, it is one of the best speakers you can find for the money you pay in this crowded category. The Flip which we received is Lavender Coloured which was released as a limited edition speaker for Women’s Day.

To start with, the music can be played from any Bluetooth enabled device or even a device which has 3.5mm audio output since this has an aux port in it. It has a cylindrical shape and can be used in two different orientations – Horizontal and Vertical. The best part is that there is not much of a difference in the quality of sound when the orientations are changed. The vertical position is ideal for desks and saves a lot of space.

JBL Flip Review

The portable speaker comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery  which stays up for five hours with Bluetooth Music Playback and can be recharged in three which is good. But, the way you’ll have to recharge it is not that great. It is recharged using an AC adapter which comes with a large Power Brick. This adds up to the number of cables to carry while you’re travelling. The AC adapter is included in the box along with a pouch for the speaker for extra protection. 

JBL Flip Buttons

The speaker comes a power button, the volume rocker and a call button. This speaker has a Microphone which can be used for calling.

Coming to the audio quality, Don’t let the size fool you. I was extremely surprised with the quality of audio which this tiny speaker pumped up. Everything is super clear and loud enough to fill a room. It has dual speakers, but is difficult to differentiate because they are placed very close to each other. The Bass is not that great, but it does a real good job considering the size.

JBL Flip Size Comparison

Another feature we wished was there is the ability to play/pause and skip songs with extra buttons on the speaker. But, we found a workaround. If you’re using an iPhone, holding the Call button would bring SIRI up and you can ask her all the to do all that work with your voice.

Flip retails for about Rs.6999 in India.

JBL Flip Review
The speaker is truly portable making it incomparable with any other speaker in this range excepting for the way you'l have to charge it.
Audio Quality9
  • Amazing Sound
  • Multiple Orientations
  • Inbuilt Microphone
  • AC Adapter for Charging
  • No Media keys
8.3Overall Score
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