Recently, we reviewed the Marble case from GMYLE which we were really impressed with. After that, they contacted us about their new product, an iPhone case which you can design. Custom cases are not a new thing and they are very easy to get. But no one gets them because the quality is terrible and they are the kind you would never want on your phone. We took a shot at the custom cases GMYLE made.

To design your own case, they’ve build their own program where you can go design for your phone. Right now, you can design for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 5s and 4s. Pretty much every iPhone which came out since 2010.


Once you’ve chosen your phone, the case is shown. By default, the case is a white plastic. There is no way to change that. Then, you upload an image of your choice. Alternatively, you can also upload an image from an URL or from your Facebook and Instagram Feed.

Align the image the right way, and you’re done. Also, you can choose to have any colour background in the image to change the colour of the case. Once that is done, you pay for the case and wait a few days. It takes a couple of weeks since they have to print it after you’ve placed the order and that takes a while.

The case came with the same premium packaging that other GMYLE come with. Physically, it has the exact same design like the Marble case. It has cut outs for volume and power buttons on the side and nothing on top and bottom. This case is not going to block big headsets and cables. Also, this case is not really going to offer a lot of protection to the screen. It just protects the phone from light drops and the aluminium back from getting scratched.


The most important pat of the case is it’s print. How good is it? Well, this is the best custom printed case I’ve ever used! But that does not mean it is good at the same time. The print is glossy and not one of those typical matt finish prints you get. The resolution of prints are really high and it is hard to believe it is custom printed. The biggest disappointment with the case was it’s glossy finish. The Marble case also had a glossy finish, but never had any scratches. But this one was different. This one had an infinite number of scratches with just one week of using it. The scratches are not visible when looked at from a distance though.

The case costs $20 and it can be ordered from GMYLE’s site right here. This is the best Custom printed case I’ve ever used. Also, the price is really inexpensive and there is no minimum order number!

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