I’ve been on the hunt for decent iPad Pro accessories ever since I got it and I recently came across the PatchWorks PureCover. Unlike the other Apple Products, iPad Pro has a serious lack of accessories from Accessory Manufacturers because the iPad Pro is really unique and not many people have one. But that did not stop PatchWorks from making a case for the iPad Pro, which is actually awesome!

Applying the PureCover is pretty easy. You just align the iPad with the case and push it in. Also, it is super easy to remove the case. You just pull the iPad out from the sides. The back is made of clear polycarbonate and the whole branding is visible. On the front, there is a tri-fold smart cover which works like every other case. It is magnetic which enables auto sleep/wake on iPad Pro. On the outside, it is leather which feels premium and on the inside, it is super soft to protect the screen from any scratches. The magnets are not strong enough though. The cover can be folded to form a triangle. A smart cover is essential for the iPad Pro because without it, it is impossible to type. The cover lifts the iPad to the optimal height, making it comfortable to type on. Also, it can stand upright to watch movies with the speakers pointed towards you.

patchworks purecover

It has proper cut-outs on the top and side for power and volume buttons. In the top, there is large cut-out for the headphone jack and charging port in the bottom, making it easier to use any cable. Also, there are four large cut-outs for the speakers on all four corners.

The biggest feature of this case though, is it’s included Pencil Pocket. Pencil is a remarkable device with a smooth cylindrical finish. It is really easy to loose the pencil since Apple has provided no way to store them and I know people who’ve lost their Pencil. The guys from PatchWorks implemented something that has been there for ages with physical notebooks. They’ve included a pencil pocket attached to an elastic band. This band can be stretched around the iPad and you can store the pencil inside it. Also, it is easy to use the iPad even at times when the pencil is inside the pocket. It is never disturbing. Another amazing feature is that this is a separate band. You can have it if you want, or just remove it altogether!

patchworks purecover

The PatchWorks PureCover costs $45 and it comes in five different colours: Gold, Black, Grey, Navy and Pink. Click here to buy the Patchworks PureCover iPad Pro case right now.

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