GMYLE is a company which I noticed very recently. They make accessories for all sorts of devices and one of those is the Marble case for iPhone. I am not a huge fan of cases because I don’t need all that protection. But what I don’t mind is trying one out just for the looks of it.


GMYLE Marble Case, the one that I have is super stylish and cool with a highly glossy finish. The problem with giving a product a glossy finish is that, they are prone to scratches. But this one is different. In the few weeks I used one, there is not one scratch which is really surprising! Coming to the actual design, it looks like it is actually made out of a single piece of Marble while in reality, it is just a plastic case. They’ve given it a high quality print of the Marble Pattern which makes it look realistic.


The case is really slim and snaps onto the sides. There is nothing on the top and bottom not leading to any issues while accessing the headphone or charging ports. Also, there are proper full-size cut-outs for all the buttons and the camera. Getting the case ON and removing it off is really simple. The case ends on the sides and is not intrusive on the front which I expect out of every case.


The case does not offer much protection. It can protect the back of the phone from scratches and from denting it with light drops. Also, there is no protection for the screen while placing it faced down. This case has one of the best design I’ve ever used and I really like it. Do not get one if you expect it to protect your phone.


The case costs $20 and you can get one from their website here. Also, the Marble case for iPhone that I have is a part of their Marble collection which has more patterns and for other devices too including Macbooks.

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