I am not really a huge fan of screen protectors. They spoil the whole feel of the glass and gets scratched easily thus spoiling the viewing experience. But, when I got the Clear-Coat screen protector for my iPhone, I really wanted to try it because it was different from any other products out there in the market.

To start with, the box comes with a liquid, a rubber and the screen protector. Coming to the application, you’ll have to peel the screen protector , spray the given liquid and then place it on the phone. The rubber is then used to push air bubbles out. The phone is left untouched for 2 hours and its stuck. They give screen protector not only for the screen, but also for the back and the sides.

Application of the screen protector was a bit difficult and I’d recommend you to get it done from one of the clear-coat stations where someone with a lot more experience can apply Clear-Coat protector for the phone.

Clear-Coat guarantees a lifetime replacement for your screen protector incase you end up spoiling the screen protector during the installation. Clear-coat claims that they’ll provide a free replacement of their product.

It has two really unique features. Though it does not feel like glass, it feels really good. Second feature is the best part. It gives a really good grip. Your phone will never fall down from your hands. Also, it does not provide any resistance against fabrics so that it will be easy to keep it in your pocket.

It really does provide good grip, I found it hard to put my iPhone into a external battery case after I had put my clear-coat protector over the backside of the iPhone as it gave a lot of friction onto the inner-plate of the case.

I tried removing the Clear-Coat protector from the back of my iPhone, It was super clean and did not leave any residue behind. The only reason why I had to remove the back screen protector is because I needed to add a external battery power case onto my iPhone.

Clear-Coat Screen Protector Review
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