Anomaly 2 from 11 bit studios is an intense story driven campaign strategic game set in post-apocalyptic time. It has alternate endings and five different maps to be played online. 11 bit studios is proud of its new game engine which give a ‘jaw-dropping scale, incredible visual detail and phenomenal special effects’.

Every stage of the game is replay able over and over thanks to multiple difficulty levels to choose from and challenging sub-goals. It’s a satisfying challenge to manoeuvre between robot transformations and placing power-ups for tactical advantage.

Some units are taken from the previous title, the morph technique makes them look new. Units can switch between machine guns to flame throwers , all by one tap on the unit. The alternate fire modes help you make strategic decisions to attack the aliens infested around the path. Swiftness is key to winning in this game. The path of the convoy can be changed during the mission and can be looped to kill all aliens to collect precious power ups. The battle against the aliens takes you around the globe from dense forests to mountains covered with snow.


The multiplayer gaming is complex where one player controls the convoy and the opponent has control over the alien turrets, it’ll take time and a few tries to understand the multiplayer mode. This game really shows competitive player vs player gaming on a mobile devices. Bigger maps and additional settings open up as you play more matches. Multiplayer mode certainly adds lot more fun to the game than just the campaign.


It’s really a great game though it doesn’t have a lot of improvements from the predecessor but the multiplayer support definitely add more thrills and will push you to replay the game over and over again. This game has console level graphics and is definitely worth checking out.

The game is out on iOS and set to release on Android soon. Anomaly 2 also is available on PC ,Macintosh, Unix/Linux.

Anomaly 2 Review
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