Swipe Technologies, an Indian smartphone maker has been making a lot of devices at the low-end smartphone range. One of the most successful product of the company in the last few months has been, Swipe ELITE which has been sold exclusively on Flipkart.

Swipe pointed out that based on a report compiled by Vserv, it is estimated that smartphone users spend 169 minutes on average everyday their mobile device. A good amount of time is generally spent on using the basic functions such as dialing a call, looking through call logs, viewing and editing contacts, locking the screen and so on. Swipe has worked on simplifying and increasing the customisability of these daily used stock applications on Freedom OS 1.1.


Commenting on the update, Shripal Gandhi, Founder and CEO Swipe Technologies said, “In today’s fast-paced life, most of us are short of time. Given that a substantial amount of our days’ time is spent on our phone, it is important that phones become smart enough for consumers to save time on basic features. Apart from this, the “Freedom OS” is a visually intelligent User Interface that also allows a person to bring out their individuality and style with customizable themes and other exciting features.”

Some of the interesting updates noticed are the inclusion of DIY dialer themes, which allows the users to customize the look and feel of the phone dialer and a Low resolution photo filter for contact photos to increase sharpness. The full list of updates seen in Freedom OS 1.1 can be seen on the Swipe Technologies website.

It’s a great move by an Indian company in making custom OS based on Android. This certainly adds to the mobile OS revolution that needs to boom in the Indian market.

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  1. Aishwarya

    Freedom OS is the worst thing that can ever be. Swipe no need of introducing such useless problematic OS. I updated my freedom os in swipe elite and after that my sim cards are not being detected by the phone. I tried rebooting, reinserting simcard but nothing worked. This is the worst OS.

    • Jay

      Sorry to hear that.
      We did come across several bugs but we believe the team is working on fixing them.
      In the meanwhile, We would recommend you to do a factory reset to get it running again. Please be warned that you would lose your apps & data while doing so.
      You would have to downgrade if the reset doesn’t help.

    • Babu

      Really, I purchase swipe elite plus but no wireless update sections,please how to wireless update. Comment me thank (U)

      • Jay

        You will find the option in the settings subsection. I would suggest you to post a screenshot of your settings menu for us to help you further.

      • Jay

        Once there is an update rolled out for the Swipe elite plus, we would make a post with all required steps.
        Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to keep an eye for the post.

  2. Brijesh

    Does swipe 1.1 is available for swipe elite plus also??
    Have purchased this phone but there is no update till date, on the other hand same configuration devices of other brand getting proper OTA update.
    Swipe just need to look around and compare yourself with other brand.

    • Anil

      Even if you have 30 per charge… In ideal mode also you will not get More then 4 hours. Battery backup up is not good..

    • Jay

      We suggest you to perform a factory data reset and stick to installing minimal number of apps. Make sure you’re on the latest update.

  3. Anil

    In home we can manage but if we are travelling then it’s very difficult to charge twice in a day.

  4. ELITE user

    I am using swipe elite plus(White) and trying to update it but there is no wireless update section in the settings menu . And if i try to update it through software updater app by default in my phone, that also not works. somebody plz help.

  5. Shyam

    My swipe elite plus mobile gets hot and I am not able to update this mobile.
    In my about phone, I don’t have wireless update option, I have System update (Storage) which requires me to put the update in the sd card.
    Software updater also does not have any update.
    The following are the details of my phone:
    current fireware version: 5.0.2-swipe_EP_V2_20170119
    Build Number: Swipe_EP_V2_20170119
    Kernel Version: 3.10.49

    Requesting your help.


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