The Samsung Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly a great smartphone, at least on the specification sheets. It’s probably the “most powerful” android phone right now in the market. A unlocked Galaxy S5 would cost about $700, on the other hand comes Moto E – an entry level cheap android smartphone. Moto E is making some competition for other chinese smartphone manufacturers in the category.

Nobody would take time to compare these two phones, it’s like pitting a tiger against a domestic cat just because they belong to the same family. (If you are still wondering, The S5 is the tiger, the Moto E being the domestic cat and android being the family)

On paper, the Galaxy S5 blows out the Moto E, the story is same when it comes to all those benchmarking tools. But In real use scenario, the story is completely different. Like, Tom Rich demonstrates in the below video, the Moto E wins over premium Galaxy S5 in day to day tasks!

Now you may ask How does this happen ?

One word to explain it : Touchwiz.
Its high time Samsung reconsiders the fate of Touchwiz. The same Galaxy S5 running on a vanilla AOSP(Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition) build blows the Moto E out of the competition. Remember when Samsung confirmed it won’t update the Galaxy S3 to KitKat?

It Its about time Samsung does something dramatic over touchwiz. Put in on a diet, maybe?

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  1. Vikram

    nice comparision….ur thoughts about Moto X vs Nexus 5…???…Which one would u suggest to buy…????

    • Jay

      Like Jash said, both are equally good. If you want a decent camera and battery life then you need to go for the Moto X.

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