After 22 years of reviewing technology for the Wall Street Journal, Walt Mossberg says Good Bye for one last time with his column on 12 devices which he thinks has changed the world.

Some of the things in the list have been huge flops. But they happened to have changed the course of history. Here’s the list:

1. Newton MessagePad (1993)
2. Netscape Navigator (1994)
3. Windows 95 (1995)
4. The Palm Pilot (1997)
5. Google Search (1998)
6. The iPod (2001)
7. Facebook (2004)
8. Twitter (2006)
9. The iPhone (2007)
10. Android (2008)
11. The MacBook Air (2008)
12. The iPad (2010)

It definitely seems like Apple has been the one company dominating the list.

What is special about Walt Mossberg is that he grew up at the time when Computers just got started which is really rare for a technology reviewers these days. This lets him review products from the completely different perspective.

After all, he is the guy who got to interview both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates together at the same stage. Hope he returns for the All Things D conferences which he hosts every year.

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