It’s that time of the year: Apple’s biggest developer conference WWDC. This year, it kicks off on June 2nd and goes on for five days till June 6th. WWDC has always been one of the most difficult developer event to get into even though the ticket price is pretty expensive. This year, Apple issued the tickets through a lottery system where they chose random developers to attend the event after they registered.

Coming to WWDC, you get to access 100+ hands-on developer sessions, meet the people who made the products and interact with them. This is extremely useful for any developer.

The biggest part of the event is probably the keynote on the first day where new products are usually announced. Apple usually announces new products during this keynote. iPhone 4 was announced during WWDC 2010 by Steve Jobs. A sneak peek of the Mac Pro was given by Phil Schiller last year. What do we have in stores for this year?

  • iOS 8 (This is pretty sure. Apple has been announcing a new version of iOS for every WWDC ever since the original iPhone)
  • OS X 10.10 (For a very long time, Apple has been updating their OS and they will continue to do so)
  • New Macs (There is usually new Macs. There is no consistency though. Last year it was the Haswell MacBook Air)
  • New version of Xcode (Happens every year)
  • The next big thing? (Doubt it!)

Last time Apple announced ‘The Next Big Thing’, it was in 2010 with the iPad. It’s been four years now. It is about time Apple announced their next must have product. But when they announce a product like that, they usually do it in a separate keynote so that nothing else steals the light.

Whatever is in stores for us, we are definitely excited. What are you most excited for at this year’s WWDC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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