The streets of Brazil are continuously cheering for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Officially, it has now begun. According to the data provided by the Google, there are more than 202.4+ million related searches about world cup with just 4 matches being played. So, what does the world actually want to know? What is the world actually searching now?

Thus, Google has come up with a separate search engine for, where there are numerous trends about World Cup. One can simply share the trends to their personal twitter, Facebook, g+ account and share their reviews about the match with their friends. It’s fun and socializing too. You can discuss about everything with your friends and also with the fans of the team you are supporting. This is totally a globalizing platform for football lovers.

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Neat little trend cards which looking like the Google Now cards offer quick information about the searches by everyone around the world.

Google has always and now is on the way of connecting people around the globe for this great event happening i.e. Showing the world that “We are One”. So, all you have to do is visit here and find out the most recent trend, the whole is trending and be the part of the discussion. Share it to your friends, followers and circles. Support your favorite team. Show more craze in this football season i.e FIFA WorldCup 2014.

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