Android undoubtedly has the upper hand over any other OS when it comes to personalisation. Any part of the OS can be tweaked to our liking, but until today it need manual work or even root privileges or a custom ROM available on various forums.

MyColorScreen is a website known to most, where individuals share their distinct screens & a quick how to with all the tools needed for others to replicate. This needs quite some manual work and is and was always time consuming. Like the tutorial on How to make your phone look like it’s running Ubuntu Mobile OS.

Guys back at MyColorScreen have come up with something that we believe is revolutionary, A app that can theme your phone, with no manual inputs.

Themer is more than an app. It will transform your home screen to something that is beautiful, functional, and designed to fit the way you use your phone. Just choose one of our many free themes from the in-app browser and press apply. We have sports, sci-fi, nature, minimalism, movies, music, and games. Dozens of themes to choose from and more added daily. Based on the Android theming website,, Themer does all the hard work for you, setting up wallpaper, widgets, and icons in one click.

We got our hands onto the beta app and here is a quick peek :


The app worked very well keeping in mind the fact that it is still in closed beta stage. There were quite a few themes since it is just the start and worked almost flawlessly on our Galaxy Nexus running the latest CM 10.2 nightly (Android 4.3) and Samsung Galaxy Ace running Jellybean 4.2.2 AOKP cooper Nightly.


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