Over a month ago on Techzei’s Youtube Channel a video of Samung Galaxy Ace running Jellybean 4.2.2 Custom ROM (AOKP cooper build) was posted and lot of viewers request for the tutorial, So here is how to get Jellybean 4.2.2 running on your Galaxy Ace GT-S5830.

I’ve been using this ROM even before it’s nightly release and it worked just fine.The ROM does not have any major bugs and the nightly release is just as good as final release. The ROM has a decent Overclock kernel and the phone stable even when overclocked to about 979Mhz. The battery drain when set at a stock Cpu speed is very minimal. To finish it short, this certainly is the smoothest Jellybean ROM.


Instructions :

  • Download the ROM and copy it to the SDcard
  • Boot to recovery mode
  • Wipe data
  • Wipe cache
  • Wipe dalvik
  • Install zip from SDcard(the one that was downloaded and copied)
  • Reboot your device
  • After the setup wizard press home key


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    • Jash Jacob

      What is that supposed to mean ? This ROM is for flashing from your recovery mode on a Galaxy Ace device.

  1. Alias

    hi.. I’m fail update this rom on my S5830…. error in/tmp/sideload/package.zip…..plz help

    • Jay

      Try replacing the launcher to “Holo Launcher” it consumes less ram.
      Use root explorer to get rid of unwanted system apps.
      Overclock the kernel (balance between performance & battery)
      Finally, use “seeder” made by entropy which can be found on xda.
      Keeping in mind the RAM available on ace, nothing much can be done.

  2. Exlans

    i did every thing you said .. and my phone stopped !!! i can’t open it ..

    error in/tmp/sideload/package.zip !!!

    plz help me..

    • Caitlyn

      hi unfortunetly , the author forget to tell us that we need clockworkmod to get this update done so here are the step.
      1. download http://getwapi.com/down/view/zip/ouqZM7SO/CWM_Recovery_v5026.html
      2. put that file into your sd card then switch off your phone and get into recovery mode ( power button + home button)
      3. Install the file ( clock work mod )
      4. reboot your phone and then go to recovery mode , now install the Jellybean 4.2.2 Custom ROM using clockworkmod ! you are done 🙂

    • Jash Jacob

      You can find stock rom or any other custom firmware from XDA-Developers and flash your phone with it!

  3. Omar Kamal

    You didn’t mention we need Clockwork Mod, my phone software crashed now, i don’t know what to do :(.

    • Jash Jacob

      It is assumed you have a rooted phone with a recovery pre-installed.

  4. Omar Kamal

    I installed it, but when i boot the phone it just shows a unicorn ad says “INITIATING SWAGGER”, is this some sort of a joke -_- .

  5. Joe Williams

    Thanks for the ROM, i installed it and it’s really good, but i have one problem, some times the phone reboots by it self, it happens randomly and it’s really frustrating, how do i fix it?

    • Jash Jacob

      Check your overclock settings and tone it down to a lower clock frequency.

  6. Lee

    Can I flash this rom from CWM having the current android version: 2.3.6? with rooted?

  7. Lee

    My apps always crash, everything runs smooth, it doesn’t lags but crashes n reboots by itself once in awhile. Help?

  8. vinz

    im current using cwm 6+,,, is this stable with that rom sir? ..or should i flash a lower cwm before i proceed?

  9. Piyush Jain

    bro are you 101% sure that the link is correct and after link we don’t have to download any other thing plz help me bro

    • Jay

      Yes. You need not download anything else. Just follow the given instructions and you’re good to go.

  10. S

    Hey bro you haven’t explained any of the steps on how to do the procedure. I cant wipe dalvik! There isnt that option. Help me asap. Please! Thank you

  11. tomtom

    Ay, pretty sure I did everything correctly and been stuck at “Initiating Swagger” for ages. Used CWM6 to flash. File was not corrupted (did MD5 check). Everything was done exactly as specified. Any ideas?

  12. tomtom

    Its me again, I re-did all the steps and installed it again, then tried to boot 2-3 times in a row until it finally worked. I’ll come back here and complain if it stops working


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