The user data of more than 100 million Jio sim users has been breached and readily available for anyone to access. This could very well be the biggest breach when it comes to the telecom industry.

A website by the name “magicapk” has popped out of no where and was brought to my attention by my colleague. It has a simple UI with a single input field where one has to input a Jio number whose details they seek. The website has no other information in regard to the source of the breach.

We checked with a few numbers in our circle to verify and it turned out to be spot on. We tried multiple numbers and the details have been right on all the numbers.

In order to access the data you will need to head over to and input the jio number whose details you are seeking. You would then need to click submit and refresh the page three times in order to view the data.

The traffic to the site has been increasing steadily and we expect it to go down real quick. Try accessing and checking if your details have been breached before the site is taken down or is unusable due to heavy traffic.

Here is a screenshot of one of our numbers (data masked for obvious reasons):

You need to note that the Aadhar number associated with the number is not shown above.

We tried to look up the info for the above stated domain but it is hidden. It remains unclear on who is behind this or how the data was beached.

We have reached out to the Jio team and we will keep you updated as we find more information. Stay tuned.

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