Apple, which is famous for having a very complicated filter at to which apps go on the App Store recently approved an app which lets people see Drone Strikes by the US Government.

Metadata+ is one of a kind app which lets people see the Drone Strikes as soon as they happen along with push notifications and a map view.


The developer Begley came up with the App in 2012 and the app has been rejected since then for having objectionable material. The app has been rejected five times before it was approved today.

He had to change the name various times. Apple approved the app once he agreed to not use the word ‘Drone’ in the name of the app or the description on the App Store. So, he named the app Metadata+ and the description was just ‘Real time updates on national security’.

Begley also handles @DroneStream which tweets every Drone Strike reported.

Click here to download the app from the App Store while it lasts.

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