We at Techzei cover news from the tech world but at times there are political issues which directly or indirectly affect the freedom we enjoy across the internet. We have previously covered about congress trying to “censor” the internet and also innocent people getting arrested for exercising their fundamental rights.

This is one such situation, where a 31 year-old shipbuilding professional, Mr.Devu Chodankar faces the threat of being arrested over his anti modi comments on Facebook.

He made the following post on a Facebook group called “Goa+” which has nearly half a lakh members (and later deleted it) :

“There is imminent threat of Holocaust as it happened in Gujarat th(r)ough the garb of cunning government policies of Parrikar”

This incident happened prior to the elections and Atul Pai Kane (A strong BJP supporter, defends the BJP and Modi across social networks), a former head of the Confederation of Indian Industries in Goa filed an FIR which now could lead to the arrest. In his complaint, Mr.Atul said Chodandkar had threatened Facebook users against voting for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Lok Sabha polls.

“The complaint is against Devu for making inflammatory statements and trying to create communal disharmony, not comments against the BJP,” Kane had explained in his online post justifying his complaint.

Interestingly, police in BJP-ruled Goa suspect a “larger game plan to promote communal and social disharmony in the state” Anticipatory bail was rejected on Thursday by the district and sessions court in North Goa, clearing the ground for his arrest.

We at Techzei firmly believe that this act by the police is completely unacceptable, every Indian has the freedom to express himself. What has happened is quite unfortunate and we hope proper interference from the High Court/Supreme court ensures justice. We firmly believe that this is not about one person but the freedom of speech of every individual of this nation.

Update : There is a protest march to be held on Saturday outside the police headquarters in Panaji.

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  1. Samer

    What kind of democracy is this and freedom of speech? Is this achchey din he was talking about, Democracy means rule by the people not by leaders.

    One more question raises after his arrest, what if, when somebody like him raises his voice whether for or against, will he or she has to face trouble the way he was facing.

    We have so much expectation from Mr. Modi, we hope you’ll deliver better government as you promised, Corrupt Free, Full of Development and yes will bring all Black Money back to country.

    Best of luck.


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