iPad Pro is a new device and does not have the sales number of iPhones or the other iPads. For this reason, it has not had much of success with accessory manufacturers. When I got my hands on the iPad Pro, which was one month after the release, I was desperately scouting for accessories. iPad Pro was not yet available in India at that time. So I settled for a third-party smart cover. The iPad Pro with it’s smaller form factor has enabled me to travel lighter and most of the times that is the only device I carry. For this reason, I wanted to get a sleeve, and I came across the GMYLE sleeve for iPad Pro.

The GMYLE sleeve is made of Nylon and comes in Khaki colour with an Olive Green base. It has some padding which should be able to protect the iPad pro from small bumps and drops. Once the iPad is in, there is a leather strap to seal it in place to keep the iPad from falling off.

One of the biggest disadvantage(But an advantage for me) of this sleeve is it’s fit. It is a bit big for the iPad Pro and does not provide a snug fit. The iPad moves around when walking around with it. In fact, it was big enough for me to fit my 13″ Retina MacBook Pro in it without any problem which became an advantage for me. I’m able to use my sleeve with both the computers I own. But the product is specifically listed as an iPad Pro accessory in GMYLE’s site and for people who want the perfect fit, it can be a disappointment.


The GMYLE sleeve costs $30 and at this price, it completely worth purchasing. In fact, it comes with premium packaging and the product also feels premium which made me doubt the price tag and check it once again on their website! You can get one from their site right now, and they ship worldwide.

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