WinnerGear has the credits for creating the World’s first Micro USB Reversible Plug and it was a major improvement on the otherwise difficult to plug-in Micro USB. There are several such cables available on AliExpress but even the top rated ones I tested were of poor quality and did not last very long.
It is reversible on either ends. It is literally impossible to plug it wrong, no matter how hard you try!

My primary phone as well as my hard disk have USB Type C ports and I have never had an issue when plugging it in, even in the dark. Its been a few months and I fear the very thought of having a device with the Micro USB port but sadly, all my Bluetooth headsets, Portable speakers & Power banks have a Micro USB port which is a pain to deal with.

MicFlip Is the Only Micro USB Cable You Should Buy

I used the MicFlip reversible cable on several of our devices, including the Huawei Powerbank, JBL Pulse 2, Jabra Move and the Samsung Galaxy S5. I did not face any issue whatsoever.

MicFlip Is the Only Micro USB Cable You Should Buy
An added bonus is that, it comes with a braided nylon finish for the entire length of the cable. It does durability and prolongs the life of the cable. I have had cables give up on me in weeks and this is definitely what I needed! It has been over a year since their highly successful Indiegogo campaign.
Do we recommend it?

Yes! Go ahead & buy their cable but please DO NOT watch their YouTube AD for it. It makes us cringe.

USB Type C is undoubtedly the future, at least for the non Apple hand held devices. While I hope everybody adopts the USB Type C standard, We need to acknowledge the reality that a majority of consumer products still rely on Micro USB and the transition is not going to happen over night and hence I would strongly recommend the MicFlip reversible cable which you can buy from here.
(PS: It comes with worldwide – free shipping and is a definite must have!)

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