2014 was probably not the best year for movies, ending with the Sony Hack. Though the summer did have it’s highs with some amazing movies. Here’s our list for the top 10 movies of 2014

    • How To Train a Dragon 2

      #10 How to train a Dragon 2

      Summer was majorly dominated with this gripping continuation to animated film, How to train a dragon. It’s filled with equal share of cuteness and action of the dragons. The jaw-dropping fight between two huge dragons a.k.a Alphas is something every kid and adult alike would love to watch.

    • Guardians

      #9 Guardians of the Galaxy

      Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing for one reason, before the movie not many knew about it except the comic book readers, and yet managed to a box-office blockbuster. This shows the lighter side of the Marvel Studios with a movie filled with cosmic action and comedy. It adds to the continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the previous Marvel films.

    • Days Of Future Past

      #8X-Men : Days Of Future Past

      The last X-Men movie was not the best, and the series needed a reboot. Days of Future Past does just that by creating a alternate timeline to the future by sending Wolverine to the past. It’s a gripping story that’ll let the inner nerd inside you out. Don’t miss the post credit scene, it shows awakening of Apocalypse – the first mutant on the Earth.

    • Edge of Tomorrow

      #7 Edge of Tomorrow

      Edge of Tomorrow was the most underrated film of this year, which was a adapted screenplay from the japanese comic “All You Need Is Kill”. It involves a time travelling loop through which the aliens need to be defeated. Tom Cruise was at his best throughout the film and Emily Blunt backed-up as a badass alien killing machine.

  • Lego Movie

    #6 Lego Movie

    Where do I start? Lego has been doing some amazing stories with their games and toys. Finally the jump into making a full feature film was a solid success. It brings all the characters of the Lego toys from Batman to Gandalf. It’s filled with pure awesome Lego action.

  • Exodus

    #5 Exodus

    Exodus was another underrated movie this year which sinked the Box-office and we are not really sure what went wrong. Many a times have the story of Moses been made, which make it very long, but never tiring or boring. That’s just the way Ridley Scott does, Also It was fantastic to watch Christian Bale as Moses on the big screen.

  • Gone Girl

    #4 Gone Girl

    Adapted from Gillian Flynn’s 2012 novel, David Fincher has delivered another masterpiece which would definitely make you doubt your relationship. The movie was strong, with good dialogues and music. The story takes you through riddles and ends leaving you questioning what really happens at the end?

  • Predestination

    #3 Predestination

    If you felt Inception’s plot was complicated, wait till you watch the Australian Science Fiction film Predestination. Predestination does not have a complicated story, but It’s genuinely good. It is a film where you do not understand what’s happening until the last 10 minutes because it’s filled with twists. Your mind should explode after watching film.

  • Hobbit

    #2 Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

    The film did not meet the expectations and was heavily criticized, but this is probably the last film from Peter Jackson adapted from J.R.R Toliken books. It has the awesome visuals set in the realm of Middle Earth. is worth checking the film out in HFR. Why shouldn’t everyone see the battle happening in the Middle-Earth ?

  • Interstellar

    #1 Interstellar

    Christopher Nolan, Matthew McConaughey and Hans Zimmer, What more can you ask for ? This was the most anticipated film of the whole year and it did not disappoint. The jaw dropping visuals and the background score were brilliant. The movie was heavily criticized for its scientific inaccuracy. But who the hell cares ? It is a movie. We were in a different dimension throughout the film.

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    Edge of Tomorrow and Lego Movie deserves a place in the top… Exodus?! Seriously?!!


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