Going straight to HOW TO join App.Net for free. One way to join would be to get invited by someone who has a Paid App.net account. Well if you can’t get a invite or you do not know anyone who could give you a App.net Invite ; This is your guide!

If you have an iOS Device (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) get App.net Passport ! 

Sign up for App.net for free with Passport, the easiest way to manage your App.net account on your iPhone. Passport is the official App.net account management app.

App.net Passport

What can App.net Passport do for you ?

  • Create an App.net account
  • Find and follow other App.net members
  • Download and discover App.net iPhone apps
  • Update your bio, profile photo, and cover image



Download App.net Passport


If you’re too lazy to get your iDevice and download it from the AppStore , just use the link given below and register yourself for a free App.net Account ; Courtesy of Shawn Blanc


App.Net Free SIgnup Link

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