While everyone is busy blogging about the next apple product, I’d say keep calm and wait for Apple. There is no point in blogging on the next apple product. You got to accept Apple is very secretive and the stolen iPhone 4 was only a one time thing. The company being secretive gives it an edge over every other company. When iPhone was released, it took other companies years to catch up with it and when the iPad was released, all Samsung could come up with at that time was a huge phone and no other company has got the tablet right like an iPad. Don’t waste your time following the rumors.

These rumors are one if the biggest reasons for hurting the Apple stocks. It gives fake and extraordinary expectations on Apples next products. Apple is always innovating at a constant pace. But these rumors put pressure on Apple’s innovation and expect them to come up with something extraordinary every time Apple holds a keynote. While people criticised Apple lost its innovation with its iPhone 5 because it just made the screen longer, look closely. Every part and feel of the iPhone 5 is different from the previous phone. The high level of innovation was present in every detail of the iPhone 5.

These so-claimed analysts are the worst. Yes, Apple has brought extremely new technology disrupting the whole industry. But going about claiming to know what the next Apple product is just on your instinct hurts the Company when it does not happen that way. At times, analysts make extraordinary predictions. Fingerprint scanner on the next iPhone is one of those. Yes, it adds a neat little security. When Sony Ericsson made it, not many used it. Apple has been a company which has been very careful into the smaller details. A fingerprint scanner would mean squeezing an extra sensor and a really small percentage are going to use it. So what kind of an analyst can’t analyze the facts in front of them. The leaked parts – they might be genuine. But it’s worth waiting for apple to announce them.


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