I use a lot of devices every day which requires a lot of juice. With all the charging and cables, my table looks chaotic. Every day, I’m constantly charging three different phones, an iPad, my Apple watch and some sort of an accessory like a headphone or my Kindle. I had to constantly plan and manage how I charged my devices. The Avantree PowerTower brought back some sense of peace into my setup.

Avantree PowerTower: Review

The PowerTower is a vertical charging station which is 11cm high and comes with 6 USB ports. Also, a couple of micro-USB cables were included inside the box. This charger is really good! It has an output of 8A/40W which can charge 6 devices at the same time. It did not just save a lot of space on my desk, but it also saved a lot of ports in my room which is a limited resource!

Avantree PowerTower: Review

All 6 ports are neatly labelled. 2 for smart charging, 2 for iOS devices and 2 for android devices. This can be helpful for folks who do not know much, but here’s what it means: The two smart ports automatically recognise the amps needed by the device connected to it and gives the required amount of output. The two iOS ports are optimised for charging iPhone and iPad. It comes with the same amount of output of the bigger iPad charger, which enables iPhones to charge faster. The last two ports are for Android. These ports support a wide range of android phones. It supports both normal charging and fast charging which a lot of the devices these days come with.

The PowerTower has ventilation ports on the top to make sure there is no overheating and for proper heat deception. The bottom comes with an anti-slip mat and sticks to the table to make sure it does not move around when connected to devices and helpful during one-handed use. Due to it’s small size, it occupies the least amount of space and can easily hide behind a monitor. I don’t do it though, because I am proud of showcasing it!

The Avantree PowerTower costs Rs. 2,200. This is one of the products which I would definitely recommend to everyone. Either you have a lot of devices to charge every day or if you have a common place where everyone in your family charges their phones. No more fighting and managing for power plugs. Also, these days a fast charger to charge a single device costs anywhere between Rs. 1,000 to 1,500. There is nothing to complain in this device.

The Avantree PowerTower is the complete package and a steal at the price of Rs. 2,200. You can get one from MobileFun right now.

Avantree PowerTower: Review
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