When it comes to the small screen, it enjoyed some great success with a few hit premieres. HBO announcing that they’ll start streaming their shows starting 2015. Here’s our list of the top TV Show premieres of 2014.

  • Flash

    #8 Flash

    Flash did not have an amazing debut due to the leak where the first episode was available on the internet months before the actual premier. After that, the show got a bit slow with every episode having a similar plot. Things quickly changed in the last few episode, especially the crossover episodes between Flash and Arrow. This was definitely one of the highest moments on TV this year. CW nailed it.

  • Turn

    #7 Turn

    This is the show which replaced Breaking Bad for AMC. It follows the life of a Spy during the American Revolution. The show did not enjoy much commercial success, but it is some really good TV.

  • Gotham

    #6 Gotham

    CW was on a roll in 2014 with Arrow reaching it’s highest point and they released two new shows. Gotham was a bit too hyped and did not meet the expectations. It follows the life of Commissioner Gordon long before the days of Batman where he is all alone. The show is worth watching for all the Familiar villains like Penguin, Riddler and Falcone.

  • Halt and Catch fire

    #5 Halt and Catch Fire

    Personal computers was the future in 1980s which made Apple the highest valued company in the World. Halt and Catch Fire is another amazing show from AMC which focuses on the personal computer revolution in 1980 and the two protagonists taking on IBM. It is definitely a must watch.

  • Fargo

    #4 Fargo

    Fargo, based on the movie by the same name is a one season story about a drifter influencing a small town Minnesota. Some amazing acting by Martin Freeman and Billy Bob along with the fact that it is a one season show, makes it a must watch. FX has delivered one of the finest stories this year.

  • Silicon Valley

    #3 Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley is a comedy follows the life of introvert computer programer Richard and his friends who build a startup. It has everything from Silicon Valley cliches to even Eric Schmidt making an appearance. The season 1 revolved around a fake Google in the show called Hooli.

  • True Detective

    #2 True Detective

    True Detective is the best TV we’ve watched in a very long time after the Breaking Bad. The show is just brilliant and perfect in every single way. It is very hard to find any flaws with it. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrison in their finest acting, especially Matthew. His acting was way better than his Oscar winning performance for Dallas Buyers Club.

  • Last Week tonight with John Oliver

    #1 Last Week tonight with John Oliver

    A lot of hosts have been doing these comedy styled news reporting. What makes this show different and worthy of the first place is a few things. First, there is absolutely no bullshit. John Oliver gets straight to the point and stuff that matters. Second, HBO is not influenced by any Advertisers. So, John gets to talk about any person or organization for what they are. Finally, it’s John Oliver, who is charming and witty.

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    An awesome post here, visited the site after a really long time. I really like Flash and would start watching Gotham too soon, just for the sake of Batman! 😀


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