To start with, Flipkart is Lousy.

There were a lot of problems with the release of Moto G. First, it is available exclusively only on Flipkart. On the first day, they had some really good offers with the phone. But, not many got to use them. The reason being, the 16GB was always out of stock and they had a stock of the 8 GB ones only. The price difference between the 8 GB version and the 16 GB version of the non-expandable phone is just Rs. 1500. which made no one would prefer the 8 GB version at the first. So now Flipkart gets a win with all the hype without genuinely having to give any benefits to the customers.

Soon, the phones were out of stock and we had to do a pre-booking and the phone would be sent within 10 days. I wanted to get my dad one so I booked one on 9th February with his account. I did wait for a few days.

A couple of my friends also booked the same phone the day after I booked and got theirs on 12th Feb. So, I went on to the website to check the status. To my horror, the order had been cancelled. I informed my dad about this. So, he calls up the customer care. Now, the customer care is very rude to him and make him wait on the line for a long time only to return back and tell him the mistake was on our part since we had not confirmed the order.


So, on 13th Feb, I decide to call up Flipkart and get a clear view as to what happened. I did get a a representative who answered my questions way better.

To start with, she told me that they had called to confirm the order because it was made using Cash on Delivery. She claimed they called twice on 11th Feb and three times on 12th Feb. They made calls at 9:30 a.m, 3:40 p.m, 3:45 p.m on 12th and no one answered. So, they had to cancel the order. They made all the calls to our Landline Number and they had the right one.

This is where it gets weird. On both the days, people were home all the time. Also, if someone had called, it should’ve shown up in our Caller ID. No, there wasn’t any number in the Caller ID. Next, they had my dad’s mobile number. They never called that number. Why do they even need it if they’re not going to use it? By the way, that mobile number is the one used for authenticating your identity while calling the customer care service.

The next thing is, I have been a customer of Flipkart for more than three years now having placed many orders over the years to the same address. This is one lousy service from Flipkart.

The Customer Care Representative told that there is nothing she could do but place another order and since they are out of stock for the phone, it would take me a minimum of 20 days to get it. So much for a regular customer who pre-booked the phone.

I said NO. I am not interested in being a customer of Flipkart any more. I am really happy that Amazon India is catching up to beat these companies which hold no value towards customer satisfaction. I do not accept their explanation. It does not make the slightest sense. I demand a better one as a customer who used their services for a very long time.

Goodbye Flipkart.

PS: Seems like our review of the Moto G might come in a bit late.

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