It’s summer and it means only one thing – Steam Summer Sale which is expected to begin any time soon and this article will help you to follow Steam Summer Sale better. Also, remember to make the right choices.

First thing to do is add the games you want to your wishlist. During the sale, all games are discounted throughout the week and don’t just buy them. Wait for the flash sales which gives the deepest discounts. If the game you wanted was never a part of the flash sale, then get it on the last week. Also, buy bundles only if you”re going to play every single game in the bundle. Otherwise it is not worth the money.

Follow @Steamydeals and @Steamdailydeals on twitter if you want to follow the flash sale of every game. Enable mobile notification if needed.

Remember, patience is the key.

My wishlist has XCOM: Enemy Unknown , Civilization V, Portal and Portal 2 on the top of the list. Let us know what games are in your wishlist in the comments section below.

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