Flickr has been completely redesigned, featuring high-resolution images and a massive 1 terabyte of free storage for all users. In addition, Brand new Android app which seems to be similar to the iPhone app.

Speaking at Yahoo’s press event, CEO Marissa Mayer stated that “we want to make Flickr awesome again.” Three ideas, apparently, went into this change: the utilization of full-resolution imagery, availability across devices, and the ability to store every photo a user could possibly take.


New Profile Design


Huge Photo Viewer

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 7.49.50 AM

Share In Full Resolution

The new Flickr aims to get back into the photo sharing social network competition after  the release of amazing features on the Google+ for photos.


Say Hello to 1TB of space :

About 500,000 photos can be uploaded into the 1TB free space if the photos are of a 6MP resolution. I mean this is a absolutely great way to push your product. Good Luck Yahoo!

I usually shoot at 16MP on my Canon 550D and that’s loads of space for me. About an average of 4.9Mb per picture.


There is No More of the [Flickr Pro] ? Only Spectaculr.



Quick question ? Would you want to buy extra space on Flickr ? Is 1TB of space more than enough for a every day user ?

Doing the math if you were to take a photo every hour in a day , it will take you about 60 – 65 years for fill up that 1TB Space.

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