Every android user has a secret hatred towards Siri. The outcome ? Droid users actually started searching for ”Siri” on the Play Store.Developers have taken this to the next level, many clones of siri are now available on the Play Store. Since there were many , We at Techzei decided to try, test and review them for you. On basis of the UI and response we have rated them on a scale of 5.

We have reviewed the top most CLONES 

1. iris.

As the name suggests, siri in reverse is iris. Developers back at dexetra initially coded this in about 8 hours for a hackathon. What started as fun has reached a place where no other clone could. Even though the App is released in Alpha stage. It’s pretty stable and gives some crazy responses.

Features include
– Calender
– Alarm
– Call someone
– Text someone
– Search nearby
– Play music
– Ask movie reviews
– Watch videos
– Find news
and lots and lots more. Discover for yourself.

We believe this would emerge out to be one of the greatest clones ever ! After trying out some basic commands, we had a success rate of about 85%, impressive keeping in mind the app is still in alpha stage.

2. Vlingo

Vlingo, which has been available for quite some time, has become Vlingo Voice Assistant. While the manner in which it works is largely the same as before, it’s been given a tighter focus on voice commands.
Voice recognition is a tough technology to perfect on any platform, but we came away very impressed with Vlingo’s talent. While it did occasionally make some blunders, these were few and far between.

Vlingo makes things easier by making you pick a context before you speak, but you can enable the app to listen as soon as it’s opened up.

Another neat bonus is the SafeReader option, which can be enabled when you’re in the car and will read out your email and text messages.

3. Skyvi

Once you download and launch Skyvi, you can start dictating any actions after pressing on the bottom yellow microphone icon. You might notice that in order to get the most accuracy, you’ll have to speak more slowly and clearly.


That’s a round up of the best of the virtual assistant’s for Android.

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