Today was the day, Google I/O Extended 2013 Chennai. Our very own Jash Jacob was chosen to head the event due to the absence of the GDG Chennai Managers : Karthik and Jeyanthan. Not to forget, Jeyanthan took time to be present virtually. Read ahead to know more.

The event started off at 6 PM with Jash going through the Key Moments / Highlights of the I/O 2013. This was followed by the entire keynote being streamed from YouTube, although it had quite a few glitches owing to the technical issues that couldn’t be avoided. The idea of streaming the keynote was not so cool, after all we were a bunch of die-hard google fans out there. What could have stopped us from watching the keynote live 2 days back ?

Anyways, the stream was cut short with Jeyanthan reaching out to us all the way from San Francisco ! Oh yes, via Hangouts that was launched at the I/O.

Jeyanthan, Manager at GDG chennai, took time to walk us through the experience he had at the I/O & also took few questions from us. One of the attendees asked him about the Chromebook pixel that was given out to all the I/O attendees. He told us that it was an awesome device that booted up in 8 secs and was centred on using the web. He also told that it had only 32GB of offline memory which was a turn off. Attendees then asked him to share his experience with the Google Glass. He told that it was a device with endless possibilities. Due to legal problems, Glass is restricted to the US only. He ran us through a Youtube video that showed off the possibilities of the Google Glass. He promised us of a much bigger event next time and signed off.

Once the hangout ended, the nextgenguy a.k.a Vignesh took over to tease everyone with the all new Google Maps (Yes, he had access to it!) He quickly ran us through the new features which were completely impressive.

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Once this was done, Vinod of InfySec took over for the final session. He showed us his Nexus 4 and was in all praise for Google Now.

He actually read my mind on this one : Siri answer’s when you ask it a question, Google now answer’s even before you ask it a question

He discussed on how Google Talk killed the then famous Yahoo Messenger. There was a quick discussion on InfySec’s attempt to enter the Guinness book of world record, more on this coming up soon. The event came to an end with the distribution of Swags. A cool tee. With love, from Google.


That is all from this event. We will be back at the next one. For more pictures you can check out the Google Plus Event Page – [ Here ]

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