One thing that was missing from my Mac was making and receiving Phone Calls. Whenever I was on my Mac, I had to reach out to my phone for Phone calls which affected my workflow at times.

Dialogue is a new Mac app which solves that problem. You can connect your phone via bluetooth to your Mac and that is all. The Dialogue App rests on the menu bar and you can make calls when you want without having to pick up your phone.  While receiving a call, a box appears in the centre of the screen with the caller ID and Accept/Decline buttons.

One additional feature to the app is the ability to record calls. For a good and stable audio quality, Dialogue recommends you to use a headset. This app is compatible with most smartphones.

The only disadvantage of this app is when you receive call from an unknown number, it does not show the number.

Here is the official video posted to YouTube:

Who is this app for?

It is for anyone who makes a lot of phone calls and is always on the Mac. If you hate having to use your phone every time you want to make a phone call.

Available for $6.99 in the Mac App Store.

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