World’s biggest multiplayer game was Windows only for quite some time now. The company publishing DOTA 2, Valve released the game for Mac and Linux. Very recently, the game moved from beta. Still, you’ll need an invite to play the game which is pretty easy to get now.


I tested it out on my Macbook Pro which has of 4GB RAM and Intel HD 3000. I’m impressed with the performance. There were no glitches of crashes while playing the game without compromising any graphics in the settings. The only problem I noticed was the sound is missing for the first 3 minutes in every game. I’m sure Steam will fix it soon.


Thanks to Valve, I don’t have to boot up my Windows desktop or restart my Mac into the Bootcamp every time I want to play a game of DOTA.

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  1. Saifur Rahman Mohsin

    There is a frame rate issue and so I still do reboot in Windows. Or is that not a problem for you?!


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