Having 0xc004f200 error ? Windows telling you about Genuine Advantage ? Wallpaper remains a black screen ?

For all you folks, Here is a quick tutorial that would take about five minutes of your time, but will help you get rid of Error-0xc004f200

We have analyzed that, KB971033 Update is the cause. Hence we begin by uninstalling this update.

Step 1 :

  • Go to Windows Update
  • Hit Installed Updates (link at the bottom left corner). If that link isn’t there, hit “View update history” and hit the “Installed updates” link at the top.
  • Scroll down to the section titled “Microsoft Windows” and look for update KB971033.
  • Right click it and hit “Uninstall”. Hit “Okay”.
  • Go to Control panel > Windows update > Change setting and select “Never check for updates” 
  • Reboot your computer.

It must look something like this :

Step 2

  • Download Windows Loader from here.
  • Extract it and Open and hit Install.

Daz Loader Preview

  • Reboot your System Again


Once, system restarts, you will get the same old screen, this time click Resolve Online Now and follow the official steps to validate your windows. Microsoft will prompt you to install a file which will then legitimize your windows with the New Loader. Reboot.

This is just a post about how you can remove the Windows NOT Genuine Notification only for informative purposes. We will not be responsible for any problems that occur to your computer. We advise you to buy a Original License of Windows.


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  1. duke

    Thanks for sharing . I used to get a windows 7 professional product key from GSF a year ago, and recently it come with the pop up “the windows is not genuine”, I was freak out,because there is a few days left , but thanks for your article, I finally resolve it
    thank you , you are the best

  2. Aggeliki

    thanks you so much..kisses and hugs,you really saved me ! 🙂

  3. Pinggvin

    Ty bro you are awesome…i spent hours and hours looking for fix it but only this worked…Ty 😀

  4. Super King

    Thank you so much for your help!! It worked perfectly!!
    Your tutorial was very simple and straight forward, every step was hassle free, and very easy!

    • Jash Jacob

      This article is just for informative purposes. I suggest you buy a licensed Windows 7 which will get Windows Updates 🙂

  5. Robin Ghoshal

    After applying everything…after a while windows got corrupted…and it stopped even booting…now iam unable to re-install windows…i agree & one should always follow the note given below:

    “This is just a post about how you can remove the Windows NOT Genuine Notification only for informative purposes.We will not be responsible for any problems that occur to your computer. We advise you to buy a Original License of Windows.”

  6. Robin Ghoshal

    During reboot sometimes the screen is freezing or it doesnt reboot at all. But after i leave it for a while it can be started. So, once iam able to reinstall windows but after a while again the same problem started. Can you suggest where damage could be and what can be done ? I dont have much technical knowledge about computers. So, help if possible.

  7. Robin Ghoshal

    Your guiding is quite simple and easy to understand. you are pretty good at that…so kindly help please..

  8. Luana

    Okay. I did all that you said, but when I opened the windows loaded, it all looks similar to what you have pictured here (except for Board, Details and Serial Number, of course)… But, instead of saying Licensed in green it says Modified – Uninstall Other Cracks (in red) and there is no way to install it. Now what?

  9. Robin Ghoshal

    Referring to my post… may be there is trouble with the ram..if so then sorry to bother u…right now its working fine but some times problem arises…still under observation..

  10. james

    I have the same problem with Luana above. What do you mean by that? I’m already using a cracked version of windows? What do I need to do? Do I still have to do that windows loader for me not to get the not genuine error?

    • Jay

      The problem arises only for those who use a cracked version. You need to uninstall the certain update which leads to detection. Just follow the guide as-is.

  11. sudharsan s

    haii, i have a problem like, the system shows the genuine has expired, when i install the loader it shows in”Status- Modify – uninstall the other cracks”.. help me to proceed further.. in your step 2 picture status shows “Licensed” but for it shows the above mentioned.. even i had successful installation other systems, but for this system not working…
    help me please.. thanks in advance…

    • Jay

      Make sure to remove any of the “KMS” cracks you may have installed. Or any other cracks that are already installed and then reboot and try the above procedure.


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